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Since October 2017, the “Harvey Weinstein scandal” brought worldwide attention to the debate on sexual assault by using #MeToo. In Sweden this topic made particular headlines and for this reason a “sexual consent law” is to come into effect in July 2018. This will stipulate that one has to actively ask for permission and/or the sexual partners need to have given express consent before sexual contact. Otherwise one could be faced with a conviction for rape, even without visible signs of a dispute or force. This will apply to strangers but also to long-standing relationships including marriages and equally to hetero or homosexual contact. A verbal agreement would suffice, however, those wanting to be sure can document the consent for the long-term. From here came the idea of a fast, mobile and flexible possibility of documenting by means of an app.

Sweden’s head of government is clear: “Sex must be voluntary and if it is not voluntary it is illegal!” As a result one will differentiate between negligent rape and negligent sexual assault with prison sentences of up to four years. Furthermore, he says that the change in the law aims to change men’s views.

Even without legal requirements, when using the app the man is sensitised to the topic of “sexual abuse”. This sets impulses for cautious and respectful interaction with women when taking sexual initiatives. Demanding clear consent aims to protect the woman against nasty surprises.

In using the app the man has the assurance that the woman really does want to have sex and that there is no misunderstanding. In addition, the app could be used playfully to flirt.

That is definitely possible. A “no” means “no” at any time.

Unfortunately no law and no app will be able to prevent sex offenders. However, in using the app negligent sexual assault caused by misunderstood signals can definitely be reduced.

Independent of the chosen method of consent, this is exclusively saved on one’s own device. If desired the documentation can also be forwarded in encrypted form to an email address defined by the other partner.

The “I willl App” also offers the possibility of social and romantic interaction. For this reason the following request and confirmation options have also been integrated:


  • Friendship request
  • Relationship request
  • Engagement – proposal and acceptance of proposal


Contrary to the “sexual consent”, these additional options can also be posted on social media platforms.


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