I willl!

Confirm together your intention to INTERCOURSE, discreetly stored on your own mobile phone!

In the course of the #MeToo und Time´s up debates, the shortcomings regarding sexual assault and/or abuse have repeatedly been the subject of discussion all over the world. Sweden has already gone one step further. From July 2018 onwards a law to protect women, that is, to prevent sex crimes, will come into force. Meanwhile other countries are also considering similar regulation. Essentially this new proposed legislation is to stipulate that sexual partners must give clear sexual consent. In principle a verbal declaration of consent would suffice. By using the “I willl app” however, an additional verification is generated which provides more safety. Consent is saved discreetly only on one’s own mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) and can, if desired, be forwarded in encrypted form to the partner.


of the I will-App

  • Safety for both partners
  • Cautious and respectful interaction
  • Conscious consent to having sex with one another
  • Avoidance of misinterpretation of gestures or statements
  • Avoidance of misunderstandings
  • Sensitisation of the topic “sexual abuse and sexual assault”
  • Option of fast and mobile documentation
  • Discrete documentation of consent



If, in addition, you want to confirm your friendship, love or desire to get married, then this is also possible with “I willl”.


These additional variants, in contrast to the "consent to intercourse", can also be posted in social media platforms.


it works

The function of the I Willl app is very easy!
Find out how it works.

You get the I willl app
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